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The speech of new-unity energy chairman bao-ping han in the "2017 China chemical industrial park and industrial development BBS"

 Ningbo today under the rain, but the enthusiasm of the participants did not diminish the participants new-unity Energy Chairman Han Baoping delivered a speech entitled "Carbon-based New Energy Efficiency and Clean Solution" this morning.


    Chairman of the board pointed out in the speech, the current world crude oil quality is deteriorating, heavy quality, and coal is still the largest proportion of China's energy consumption structure fossil energy. Whether it can be efficient and clean use of this part of the energy, will become the future of the industry can achieve high social benefits, the key to economic efficiency.
    New-unity energy through years of research and development and practice, for the industry to provide a variety of "carbon-based new energy efficient, clean comprehensive utilization" solution. The technology is represented by EUU (Ebullated-bed Upgrading Unit), CUU (Coal Upgrading Unit), which is creating unprecedented social and economic benefits for enterprises.
    At the same time, in the park comprehensive utilization of resources, the new energy has its own unique "park resources and efficient integration program." The use of EUU and CUU technology for the petrochemical park to provide cheap olefins, aromatics and other basic chemical raw materials, driven by the park downstream chemical integration industry development. Of course, the use of the technology of the park's core business, in addition to products can drive the downstream industry, the use of its by-product of cheap industrial gases and heat, can also supply to the park integrated pipe network. So, can reduce the park supporting facilities construction pressure, but also improve the operational capacity of supporting facilities to achieve win-win.
    I would like to thank the organizers of this meeting for their communication platform. At this meeting, the guests in the exploration of the real knowledge, in the discussion to find new ideas, the meeting is now full of everyone on the industry to flourish this ambitious expectations of the great cause, I wish this forum a complete success!

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