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By the new-unity energy design of Xinjiang 5 million tons / year coal quality clean and efficient use of the project re-trade union was successfully held

      July 10, Xinjiang Tianyu Coal Chemical Group Co., Ltd. 5 million tons / year coal quality clean and efficient use of the project re-engineering meeting held in Urumqi Zhongtai Building. Xinyou Energy as the design unit of the project attended the meeting, the staff of the Party Committee of the Toksun Industrial Park, Zhao Xinyu, Deputy Director of the China-Thailand Group, Wang Hongxin, Deputy General Manager Li Liangfu, Technical Director of ChinaTai Group Zhao Yulu, Minister Chen Hongyan, chairman of the Day Lake Coal Mine Dai Ping, Hubei Huanggang Huaxing Metallurgical Furnace Co., Ltd., built in Xinjiang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. and other company leaders also attended the meeting.

     At the meeting, Shanghai Xinyou Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Han Baoping, chairman of the project for a detailed report. China Railway Group Chairman Wang Hongxin on the project process, design, construction and other aspects to be affirmed that the project in line with national industrial policy, but also in line with the Sino-Thai Group Toksun Industrial Park, industrial chain development. He asked the design institute to further optimize the design of the project, the construction unit in strict accordance with the design requirements of the construction, the project should be built into a modern, first-class coal chemical projects. Finally, Wang Hongxin, chairman of the project announced immediately return to work, design, construction, supervision and other units to carry out work.
    The project resettlement plan to invest 780 million yuan, plans to the end of December 2017 1.2 million tons / year Lan carbon project put into operation, 300,000 tons / year coal tar hydrogenation unit in the end of August 2018 officially put into operation, the main products for the blue carbon , Gasoline and diesel. After completion of production, is expected to achieve sales revenue of 3.77 billion yuan / year.

    Xinjiang Tianyu Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. 5 million tons / year coal quality clean and efficient comprehensive utilization project is located in Xinjiang Turks Toksun County, located in Toksun County, Iraq Lake Township about 10 km west of the main project include: 2.7 million tons / Year coal dry distillation plant (in two phases of construction, a 1.2 million t / a scale, two 1.5 million t / a scale), 2.6 million Nm3 / h shortage of gas hydrogen plant, 300,000 tons / year coal tar hydrogenation Equipment and ancillary facilities, public works and so on. The total investment is estimated at $ 1,917 million.
     Product plan: The project to coal as raw material, through the low-temperature dry distillation of coal to mention the quality of blue charcoal, shortage of gas, coal tar, and then use of waste gas to the coal tar hydrogenation reform, the final product is Blue carbon and modified coal tar products.


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