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Sinopec repurchase New-sign energy isooctane docking

    July 20 to 21, China Petrochemical Refinery Sales Co., Ltd. repurchase Xinxin energy Isooctane docking, customer forum held in Beihai City, Guangxi, I chairman of the Group, the new energy chairman Han Baoping and China Petrochemical Ren Mingbo, vice president of refining and sales company, attended the meeting.

     20 afternoon, Han Baoping, chairman and Deng Mingbo, deputy general manager of the in-depth exchange of oil refining sales company to buy new-sign energy isooctane matters agreed. Deng Mingbo, deputy general manager of  new-sign  energy for the optimization of raw materials to provide support to help new-sign energy brand image, and its cooperation and win-win situation. Chairman Han Baoping thanked the oil refining sales for the cooperation opportunities and expressed confidence in the strategic cooperation between the two sides, hoping Xinxin energy can go forward with Sinopec, accelerate the pace of cooperation, strengthen multi-faceted cooperation, highlight the advantages in the competition , Successfully welcome the South China region Guo country VI oil quality upgrade.
      China Petrochemical liquefied petroleum gas sales department, resource development department, financial assets department, technical service department, market business department and related personnel of the North Sea representative office and  new-sign  energy-related department heads on how to do a good job of refining sales company repurchase  new-sign  energy The work of the docking is carried out. The docking details cover the purchase agreements, quality indicators, financial processes, safety responsibilities, price systems, logistics systems and other related content related to the purchase of isooctane business. The two sides have discussed the possible docking problems and proposed solutions. The next specific work schedule is agreed upon.
      On the morning of the 21st, Sinopec liquefied petroleum gas sales department, the representative office of the North Sea and  new-sign energy related person in charge and Isooctane customer representatives to communicate, to provide potential solutions to customers, so that customers be assured.  New-sign  Energy will also be in the oil refining sales company's support, continue to play the advantages of product quality and stability for downstream customers to provide more quality and stable supply of isooctane. Refining sales company sales agent  new-sign  energy isooctane work plan in mid to late August into the trial operation phase, officially launched in September.
       China Petrochemical Refinery Sales Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinopec Corp., which is responsible for the unified sales of petroleum refining products such as liquefied petroleum gas, asphalt, petroleum coke, sulfur and paraffin in Sinopec. The company integrates 28 petrochemical products owned by Sinopec Corp. and has developed into an annual sales volume of about 30 million tons, operating income of nearly 100 billion yuan, set product research and development, transportation, sales and service as one of the professional refining products sales company.  New-sign  energy will be based on China Petrochemical, bigger market, and continuously improve service quality, optimize management, and customers achieve win-win situation.

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