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The 3rd Annual Technical Conference Of New-unity in 2017 Ended Successfully
       Innovation in the entire value chain of the energy and chemical industry will surely bring more vitality to the entire industry!

       Energy and chemical industry is bound to be contained in the park boat, Yang sail capital, innovative technology pilot, Imagine the Blue Ocean!

       2017 The 3rd Annual New Energy Technology Conference was grandly held in Nanjing from November 23 to November 24.The conference attracted over 300 energy and chemical industry guests to participate.

       The meeting started on time at 8:30 am and was presided over by Zhang Qi, assistant to chairman of New-unity Energy.

Zhang Qi,assistant to chairman 

       First of all, by Mr. Han Baoping, chairman of New-unity Energy, delivered a speech at the conference: "Thank you very much, all leaders of this party can come together in Nanjing. This conference provides a platform for all guests to speak their minds, exchange ideas and seek common development. We hope everyone can explore Gaining real knowledge, looking for new ideas and new ideas during the discussion, and having a pleasant and rewarding two days. "Afterwards, he gave a speech entitled" Development Ideas and Technical Options for Today's Energy and Chemical Industry ". : In recent years, the rapid development of new energy sources, but in terms of economic efficiency to match the fossil fuels, but also need to go through a long process, petrochemical energy era is far from over. Energy and chemical industry development idea is to make effective use of fossil fuels, green (environmentally friendly) the use of fossil fuels, so reducing costs and increasing efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, improve energy efficiency is imminent.

Han Baoping,chairman of New-unity Energy

       China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation Chemical Park Working Committee Yang Ting Secretary-General made a "chemical park status quo and policy development" report. This extremely informative report begins with a comparison of the sales figures and profitability figures of the chemical industry in the first three quarters of 2017 with the figures for the whole year of 2016. The in-depth analysis of the causes of the macroscopic and microscopic surfaces behind them, The typical case of parks and enterprises shows that at present the state attaches great importance to environmental protection and safety. GDP is no longer a fan of the local governments. Green, low consumption and sustainable recycling industries are the key points of the park planning. He stressed: The supply-side reform advocated by the state is, for the chemical industry, the most obvious manifestation of the high standards and high demands on chemical enterprises and chemical parks. Whether it is a chemical park government, chemical companies, or equipment suppliers, should raise the degree of attention to national policies, read, read the relevant documents. So, not only can keep pace with the development of the country, but also create more value.


                                                                                    Yang Ting


 Liu Li,Chief engineer,Discussion on Combination Process of Ebullated Bed Hydrogenation and Heavy Oil Catalytic Cracking


                          Sun Yudong,Study on Asphaltene Structure and Its Effect on Hydrogenation Process


                                 Sun Tao,Low-quality heavy oil hydrogenation unit reciprocating compressor

Gong Chenghong,How to reduce emissions by changing combustion conditions

Gou Qiliang,Industry Capital Energy Chemical Industry Drivers

Wu Liangquan,Introduction of Environmental Protection and Nitric Acid Reduction Technology for Esterification Wastewater Treatment with Coal - based Ethylene Glycol

Jia Yani,Shaanxi Drum Distributed Energy System Solutions

Lian Yixin,Comprehensive utilization of carbon tetra hydrocarbon resources and related technologies

Hu Junwang,Engineering Exploration of High-end Equipment and Mode of Capital Integration

      During the meeting, all the technical experts spoke freely and fully demonstrated their technical achievements. What is gratifying is that Shaannang Power and Lan Shi Heavy Industries, both of which are traditional manufacturing enterprises, have also brought us "cross-border products" - financial services! Coupled with Xinran Fund's industrial financial services architecture, so that several business guest speakers instantly become a tea break when the "Reds!"

Sun YUdong,Recycling Waste Biomass Based on Biotechnology - Building a Bio-based Low-carbon Society and Developing a Road to Sustainable Development

Han Baolian,Brief Introduction to Technology of Hydrogen Production from Coal

Wang Chenglong,Equipment manufacturing capabilities to upgrade and boost innovation process to accelerate industrialization

Li Honghong,CO2 methanol

Sun Jinghao,Three-dimensional digitalization of modern chemical industry

Feng Guangping,Light hydrocarbon isomerization catalysis

Liang Junpeng,A new generation of compressor accessories reliable, efficient, energy saving and environmental protection

Qi Lifang,Refining and chemical plant emissions standards discharge treatment technology

       Many of the guests attending this conference are new friends of New-unity Energy, more of them are old friends in the industry!

     His hometown know the story! Chairman conducted a generous heated opening speech, then dinner scene instantly become a happy ocean! Guests toast cup, greet each other, introduce each other's friends, new friends have become good friends!

      This conference attracted a large number of technology providers, engineering companies, equipment suppliers, financial institutions and energy and chemical industry enterprises, learn from each other and seek common ground blue-scale energy industry. The latest industry trends, information on the upstream and downstream industry chain, industrialization of technology research and development, we are looking for new ideas. Reducing costs and increasing efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection, improving energy efficiency, grasping national policies and economic feasibility are the primary criteria for the vigorous development of energy and chemical industries. Xinyou Energy will continue to strive for progress, keep pace with the development of the country, actively respond to national policies, cherish the great cause of green energy development, and emerge from the road of technology-based enterprises that break through the bottleneck of the development of the industry and realize the enterprise dream of benefiting human beings from clean energy!
      Let us look forward to next year's event!


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