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Han Baoping,chairman of New-unity Energy
Graduated from the university of petroleum (east China) refining oil processing professional, many years in the field of heavy oil hydrogenation and related technology research and development work, in the medium and high pressure hydrocracking kinetics of hydrogenation, lubricating oil, residual ebullated bed, suspended bed and fixed bed, ebullated bed coal tar hydrogenation, suspended bed hydrocracking, clean fuel production and inferior heavy oil raw material processing technology and research and development has made remarkable achievements.
Mr. Han Baoping,the Chairmanof New-unity has more than 20 national patents. Residue of its participation in the fixed bed hydrogenation processing technology of atmospheric residue hydrotreating technology, vacuum residuum hydrotreating technology won the provincial level awards, especially s-rht technology won the state science and technology awarding meeting of national scientific and technological progress first prize.
The chairman led the research and development of the coal tar hydrogenation series catalyst, and won the first prize in the scientific progress of China petroleum and chemical industry federation(Industrial Application of Coal Tar Hydrogenation Catalyst in Clean Coal Processing).

Liu Li,Chief engineer of New-unity Energy
He once worked for SEI .Senior Engineer, Registered Chemical Engineer,In 1997 graduated from the University of Petroleum (Beijing) Chemical Engineering, a master's degree.He has long been engaged in the design and research work of oil hydrogenation process, published more than 10 professional papers, access to a national invention patent.Participated in the design, construction and successful driving of the project up to more than thirty sets, has participated in the national 863 project coal liquefaction project of engineering and development work.

Zhang Xiaokang,Deputy chief engineer of New-unity Energy
He once worked for LPEC belonging to Sinopec.He graduated from Tsinghua University hydraulic machinery in 1985,Received a master's degree in computational mechanics from Dalian University of Technology in 1992.For many years engaged in the petrochemical industry equipment, furnace design, research and development work.Has accumulated rich experience in hydrogen production, hydrogenation, continuous reforming, sulfur recovery, catalytic cracking and other equipment and equipment design.In the four-in-one furnace, incinerator, hydrogen conversion furnace declared a number of patents, and in the national core journals published many papers.

Feng Guangping, Deputy chief engineer of New-unity Energy
He once worked for Sinopec Group, both for refinery operation and design.Graduated from the University of Petroleum (East China) Chemical Engineering in 1995.He has been engaged in oil hydrogenation, reforming, alkylation and other devices of the process design work, with rich experience in the implementation of the project for many years.He participates in hydrogenation catalyst, heterogeneous catalyst, methanation catalyst research.Engaged in the company's new technology, new technology development,For example ,CO2 methanol, alcoholysis DMC and other coal chemical technology research and development.He has Received a number of invention patents and published many papers.


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