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EUU technology

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EUU technology

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     EUU(EUU, Ebullated-bed Upgrading Unit)and NUHC-60 type catalyst used in ebullated-bed hydrogenation of inferior heavy oil was independently developed by New-unity energy , which was applied in high-char polymer, high asphaltene, high-particles content and metal(mainly refers to nickel, vanadium,ect) content is greater than 200ppm inferior raw material.

      Compared with interior heavy oil fixed-bed hydrogenation technology, EUU has a wide range of raw meterials, hign reaction conversion rate, high volumetric space velocity, low hydrogen to oil ratio, high heat energy utilization efficiency, easy large-scale and low investment characteristics, ect. The process can realize the on-line loading and unloading of catalyst, and maintain the equilibrium activity of the catalyst, and ensure the device operate continuously with “security, stability, long, full, excellent, ect” characteristics.

    New-unity Energy and Hebei xinqiyuan Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd. jointly developed the "Ebullated-bed Upgrading Unit”,The technology successfully passed the identification of scientific and technological achievements organized by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation in Beijing.Accreditation Committee agreed that: The technology reached the international advanced level in general, agreed that low-quality heavy oil ebullated bed hydrogenation technology identified.

     September 11, 2016, New-unity energy and Hebei Xin Qi Yuan Technology Development Co., Ltd. to develop the "low-quality heavy oil fluidized bed hydrogenation technology (EUU, Ebullated-bed Upgrading Unit)" in Beijing successfully passed the China Petroleum and the chemical industry federation of scientific and technological achievements identified. Accreditation Committee after EUU technology in-depth understanding and discussion agreed that: the technology is advanced, innovative, and generally reached the international advanced level, agreed to the poor quality of heavy oil fluidized bed hydrogenation technology through this identification.

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