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Catalyst technology

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Catalyst technology

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The core technology of New-unity Energy is to bring New-unity Energy into multiple fields such as domestic petrochemical industry, traditional coal chemical industry and new coal chemical industry firmly believe that catalyst technology is the core of chemical technology and has achieved gratifying achievements in catalyst research and development. The company has successfully developed a series of patented catalysts in the fields of oil refining, petrochemical and coal chemical industries. To date, it has developed a series of dozens of series of catalyst products in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Shaanxi, Jiangsu and Shandong The industrialization has been realized in the region and significant achievements have been made in the region, creating considerable economic benefits for our customers. The project investment and daily operating costs would be reduced significanty by the use of EUU, while reducing the adverse effects of machining interior heavy oil to the environment, which can effectively improve the economic and social benefits of enterprises.

The "Eublated-bed Upgrading Unit" jointly developed by New-unity Energy and Hebei Xinduyuan Energy Tech Development Co., Ltd. was successfully passed by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation Scientific and technological achievements appraisal, on September 11, 2016,

New-unity Energy and Hebei xinqiyuan Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd. jointly developed the " Ebullated-bed Upgrading Unit”, The technology successfully passed the identification of scientific and technological achievements organized by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation in Beijing. Accreditation Committee agreed that: The technology reached the international advanced level in general, agreed that low-quality heavy oil ebullated bed hydrogenation technology identified.

The main catalyst

JMHC-2108 series  Hydrogenation guade Catalyst

JMHC-2208 series  Inferior diesel oil hydrogenation catalyst

JMHC-2308 series  Wax oil hydrocracking catalyst

JMHC-2408 series  Coal tar hydrogenation catalyst

JMHC-2508 series  Crude benzene hydrogenation catalyst

JMHC-2608 series  inferior heavy oil ebullated-bed hydrogenation catalyst

JMHC-2708 series  Inferior naphtha hydrogenation catalyst

JMHC-26109 C9 hydrogenation catalyst

JMHC-26209 Isomerization pre-hydrogenation catalyst

JMHC-26309 Catalytic reforming catalyst

JMHC-26409 Light gasoline aromatization catalyst

JMHC-26509 Lubricant hydrogenation catalyst

JMHC-26609 Catalytic cracking catalyst and additives 

New-unity energy catalyst technology has long been in the leading domestic level, including low-grade oil hydrogenation catalyst market share of more than 80%.

Crude material:

      1. Petroleum: catalytic gasoline, catalytic diesel oil, coking gasoline, coking diesel oil, VGO, residue, heavy oil, coking gas oil, catalytic oil, ethylene cracking tar, ect.

    2. Coal base: low temperature/medium temperature/ high temperature coal tar, wash oil, anthracene oil, crude benzene, heavy benzene, coal diesel, etc.

      3.  Other oil: oil sands, shale oil, waste plastic oil, waste lubricating oil, used tire oil, bil diesel oil, etc.

Ebullated bed catalyst

Crude benzene hydrogenation catalyst

Mitigate the cracking catalyst

Demetallation catalyst

Hydrocracking catalyst

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