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Unique technical coupling

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Unique technical coupling

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    Technical coupling and industry integration is the innovation and understanding of the new energy source for the energy and chemical industry, and the ultimate goal of the solution we provide.
    In recent years, from the gradual expansion of the size of a single set of equipment, to the continuous emergence of innovative technology, China's petrochemical technology, coal chemical technology have shown a quantitative change from qualitative change.
    In many energy and chemical technology, some new technologies still exist high energy consumption, high water consumption, low conversion rate, pollutant emissions, product quality is not compliance and other deficiencies.
     New-unity Energy through cooperation with well-known universities, research institutes, combined with their strong technical research and development, technical coupling, industrial integration, engineering transformation capacity, many can not become possible.
     With the concept of "coal (low-grade heavy oil) - refining-chemical" advocated by Shinyou Energy, the coupling of the existing technology, with the catalyst and process technology, has been the most important part of the "refining" to achieve industrialization, Low-quality heavy oil (coal tar) as raw materials to produce clean oil; "coal" - that is, a coal conversion process, industrial demonstration device is under construction; "chemical" - that is, a coal after the conversion of intermediate products as raw materials, Benzene "and other technical chemical raw materials industry consolidation has been achieved industrialization.
     For the metallurgical industry, we advocate "coalification + low consumption metallurgical" industry integration; for power companies, we advocate "coalification + clean power" industry integration; for new energy chemical companies, we advocate "oil + coal mixing" technology coupling, and "Coal + oil sands + shale" of a variety of unconventional energy through the technical coupling of conventional petrochemical products to produce solutions.

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